Learn how to start successful Facebook Ads.



This course will prepare you to:

  • Generate leads and sales using Facebook Ads
  • Fully understand different types of Facebook Ads and objectives
  • Create custom audiences for retargeting
  • Improve conversion tracking on their website

Skills Required:

  • Basic understanding of Facebook marketing
  • Willingness to learn and practice


Do you want to be the best in Facebook marketing world? Well, I can make that dream come true for you.

First of all, stop wasting money on Facebook Ads!!…. Until you have a solid Facebook marketing & Ads strategy and fully understand different types of Facebook Ads.

This course is about to show you HOW TO DO facebook marketing effectively. It’s like hands on (practical) workshop (a Facebook marketer’s dream)

Here is what you will acquire in this course:

  1. Why Facebook ads are important for our businesses?
  2. Why people fail at Facebook ads and how you can overcome these mistakes?  
  3. Learn how to create different types of Facebook Ads (hands on demos)
  4. Build custom audiences from your email list & website visitors
  5. Create and install Facebook pixel for conversion tracking

This course is for you if you are a :

  • Small Brands and Businesses Looking to Grow and Connect with New Customers on Facebook
  • Entrepreneurs, E-commerce Company 
  • And for anyone who wants to be a master of Facebook Ads

Want to know more?

Drop us a message now, and let’s have a chat about how you can use Facebook Ads to grow your business.

Class Timing

Batch : 4 persons ( 5 PM – 7 PM ) 

[ saturday, monday, wednesday ]

[ Duration : 12 classes ]

Exclusive Private training : 1 person 

[ Date and time will be  scheduled 

on Student’s preferences ]

 [ Duration : 8 classes ]


Go from Beginner to Advanced

Introduction to this Facebook course

Section - 1

  • Facebook page properly setup
  • Messenger Chatbot introduction
  •  Facebook Organic Marketing
  •  Facebook ads biggest mistake and how to avoid
  •  How to create General Ads / boosting

Facebook advanced level Marketing

Section - 2

  • Introduction to Facebook business manager
  • Step by step process to set up Business manager right way
  • How to manage your clients and staff using business manager
  • Also you need to know to master Business manager accounts, page roles, admin tasks,billing, and more
  • Ads Campaign introduction Account > Campaign > Ad set > Ads
  • How to use facebook pixel & Conversion tracking

Facebook Ads Objective

Section - 3

  • Page like Ads
  • Post Engagement Ads
  • How to setup Message Ads
  • Send people to website
  • Local Awareness Ads
  • Get Video Views
  • Offer Claim facebook Ads
  • Event response ADs
  • Website conversion ads
  • Generate Leads with facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads using facebook Ads manager
  • Dynamic Ads, Collection Ads, Canvas Ads
  • App Install & Engagement Ads

A/B Testing & target the right audience

Section - 4

  • A/B Testing
  • Audience introduction
  • Targeting Research
  • How to create save audience
  • Introduction to Remarketing
  • How to create custom audience
  • Target people who are like your existing customers with Lookalike Audience

Optimization & measurement: 

Section - 5

  • Edit and Manage Ads
  • Facebook Campaign Measurement Jargon CTR, CPM, CPC, ROI, Ad Relevance, Placement, etc
  • Facebook Ads optimization
  • Problem find out
  • Facebook Ads Reports via Ads Manager
  • Google analyties setup & Measurement

Facebook Marketing And Ads Masterclass - 2019

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Build a legion of adoring fans of your brand.


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The ultimate goal - conversion. Increase sales, and grow your business.

Discover the power of Facebook Ads for YOUR business.

If you are interested and want to know more about facebook marketing.